Defy the Heavens

  I think I wrote this chapter like 3 different times because I couldn't decide what point in the story to begin at, until finally just dropping it.   ‘Found within areas of extreme temperature, a Red Yang Lotus looks almost identical to a regular lotus, but can be identified by its petals. A Red... Continue Reading →


Shining Star

Here's a Xianxia light novel I tried writing. Keep in mind, Chinese light novels are always really exaggerated, so if there's any cringey parts it's actually pretty mild. There's also gonna be a lot of jargon if you don't have any experience with Xianxia stories. Huang Luo lived with his wife and daughter in the... Continue Reading →


And another one. The evening sun finally set over the horizon, leaving only the moon and the stars to illuminate the land. Standing in a large field were a few dozen people of all shapes and sizes. Such a diverse group of beings working harmoniously together as one unit, where had such a scene been... Continue Reading →


I like to write fantasy light novels, but my biggest problem is that I can't stick with one story. Here's something I tried starting and gave up on. I think this was one of the three or so prototypes I based my short story on. Just something I messed around with.   A child was... Continue Reading →

Vertigo Comics

Vertigo Comics is an imprint of DC Comics, meaning, it's basically like a branch of DC Comics. It was created in 1993 to publish comics with more graphic and adult content. It isn't as popular as DC, but there have been some popular stories from it: Constantine, Preacher, V for Vendetta, Lucifer, and iZombie. Those... Continue Reading →

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is one of my favorite TV shows. Many people call it the greatest anime of all time, and the anime that popularized Japanese cartoons in the west. The story's about a group of bounty hunters, who travel the universe. Throughout the 26 episodes we learn more about each member, and the main antagonist... Continue Reading →

An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

What a fitting title for this album. I've listened to other albums but I think this is The Caretaker's best one. Maybe because it was the first one I listened to. The first of anything always seems to have a lasting impact. The best way of describing this is the feeling of being underwater, gazing... Continue Reading →

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